How can I get better wifi coverage in my home?

Network Setup

A question I hear often is, “how can I get better wifi coverage in my home”?

While wired is always better, this may not be possible in homes that have been established for some time. There are devices that work around the ‘wired’ issue. Some use the homes electrical lines to transmit data from room to room with devices that plug directly to an ac outlet.

This method usually requires another device to make use of the data. That being a wireless access point and or switch to facilitate further wiring.
Another method is wifi extenders. There are many different ones out there and lots that are user friendly. Some use a new technology, for wifi, called True Mesh. These provide a good solution for established homes.

Keep in mind that the less ‘hops’ a signal takes to get to the wired router the more reliable the network.

If you know that you are going to remodel, any room in the home, it may be worthwhile to add data lines even though you know you want wireless. With a wired port in the room an access point can be added very easily in the future.

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